Dev Stages

Stage 4 -> Release 1.0 Beta

The first fully functional version of "Apricot DB". Planned for July-August 2019.

Stage 3

Implementation of the Reverse Engineering functionality.Done

Stage 2

The read only graphical representation of the DB- structure (JavaFX). Done

Stage 1

Design the core domain structure of the Apricot- project (tables, views, testing data) -> 23/09/2018 done, version 0.1;
Implement the JPA- layer for 5 tables - the core Apricot- domain; -> 15/01/2019 done;
Implement loading of the DB- structure metadata into H2 (for SQL- server; use the testing database structure); -> 15/01/2019 done;
Implement generation of the Excel- sheet with the current database structure; -> 15/01/2019 done;
Implement the minimalistic command line interface to access the functionality of the Stage 1; -> 15/01/2019 done;
Deployment model (the Java app as a standalone installation module). -> still needs to be implemented