History of the Project

18/01/2020 -> the Release 2.1 has been published.

28/11/2019 -> the Release 2.0 (stable) has been published.
The current project statistics:

launcher: 5.6 k
meta scan: 74.1 k
persistence: 171.0 k
support: 85.5 k
UI: 1158.3 k
view port: 321.7 k
total: 1816.2 k

26/11/2019 -> 
the development of the "Compare Snapshot" functionality: October 6-November 26 2019 -> has been finished.

06/08/2019 -> Release 0.6

23/06/2019 -> Release 0.5c was implemented. No changes in the source code. The distributives of the application have been reorganized.
The Linux installation now includes the JVM and the .sh running script.
The naming of the packages was changed:
The Linux- installation now have been tested on Ubuntu Linux.

05/06/2019 -> the preparation for the Release 0.5 is finished. The current statistics of the project:

launcher: 5.6 k
meta scan: 69.9 k
persistence: 128.8 k
support: 69.7 k
UI: 540.5 k
view port: 255.4 k
total: 1069.9 k

26/05/2019 -> Release 0.4. The "Crow's Foot" ERD- notation; thesimplified and extended representation of entities, the UNDO of the graphics- functionality.

21/04/2019 -> Release 0.3 (Alpha) is ready for publishing.

07/04/2019 -> the updated project- statistics:

launcher: 5.6 k
meta scan: 40.1 k
persistence: 118.5 k
support: 66.3 k
UI: 448.5 k
view port: 226.9 k
total: 905.8 k

25/02/2019 -> The pre-alpha Release 0.2 was published on SourceForge.

17/02/2019 -> the current source code size:

meta scan: 14.3 k
persistence: 73.9 k
support: 38.1 k
UI: 182 k
view port: 210 k
total: 518.3 k

04/01/2019 -> The prototype/initial design of ERD was implemented. I assume that the proof of concept was successfully passed for use of JavaFX for drawing of the complex topology.
Moving back to the "Apricot DB" domain model and related JPA, for a more production solution for the concept of the "PROJECT".

30/10/2018 -> The Excel- database structure report was implemented.

02/10/2018 -> First successful scan of the testing SQLServer- database was done.

27/09/2018 -> The first version of the JPA-layer is ready.

15/09/2018 -> The "Joomla!"- site was installed. The initial pages have been created.